Gracie Gets Analyzed

April 26, 2009

Gracie: I’ve never been analyzed before, Dr. Von Strudel.  Will it leave much of a scar?

Doctor: Nobody is going to hurt you.  All you have to do is answer my questions so we can find out what is going on in this little head of yours.

Now; if 2 pencils cost 5 cents, how many pencils can be bought for 50 cents?

Gracie: Two

Doctor: Two?

Gracie: Two pencils and 45 cents change.

Doctor: Well

Gracie: Oh, you look tired.  Maybe I ought to ask you the questions.

Doctor: No, no.  We’ll try again.  Are you thinking?

Gracie: Um, well how do I know if I’m thinking?

Doctor: Concentrate.  What is wrong with this sentence: There are two divorces to every marriage.

Gracie: Nothing, I like it.  2 divorces to every marriage.  Two marriages to every birth.  Two births to every pullman  … you know upper and lower hence upper and lower classes.  And the first thing you know you have a revolution.  Do you mind?

Doctor: Hm, I see.  Two.  Always two.  This is very significant!

Gracie: Oh, ha-ha, I bet you tell that to all your patients.

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