Gracie Ends Act with George

May 4, 2009

From Life Magazine, September 22, 1958

Waiting Between Curtains

It sounds like just another one of those wild schemes out of Gracie Allen’s unfathomable fancy.  But she really is breaking up the act and her appearance on next week’s Burns and Allen Show (Sept. 22, 1958 CBS-TV, 8 p.m. EDT) will be her last.  Into retirement with Gracie will go the purest modern image of the indomitable Dumb Dora, the chucklehead wife whose unerring knack for being wrong manages to make logic rearrange itself so that her most adddlebrained antic seems momentarily sensible.  To millions of husbands she was the exasperating essence of all wives as she cut the hedge with George’s electric razor and sewed shirt buttons on his shirttails so nobody would notice if he lost them.  But to her profession, she was a matchless comic artist, the girl who got most of the laughs for the longest-running comedy team in the U.S.

Gracie started on stage at 3 as a dancing colleen in an Irish vaudeville act, teamed up with Burns in 1922 and married him four years later.  Now at 53, after 36 years as George’s giddy wife in vaudeville, radio and TV, she wants to try a real-life wife’s role.  George will go on with the show himself, next month on NBC-TV, while Gracie devotes herself to leisure, domesticity and their grandchildren.  But George has not altogether written Gracie off as a partner.  “Maybe after six months one of the kids will spill a glass of milk on her,” he says hopefully.  “Then maybe she’ll retire from the kids too.”

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One comment

  1. I have just started watching reruns of “The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show” and it is wonderful. Gracie, a really talented and intelligent woman really does act in this comedy playing the woman who gets everyone mixed up when she comes in contact with them and even had her character Blanche saying weird things as well. Also, Gracie Allen was a beautiful woman and I know a kind woman to want to adopt children. I just wish they were alive so I could tell them how funny, cute and how much I love their program and respect their talent. They had a clean show. I know Ronnie Burns is dead and I don’t know about Sandra Burns. I just wish there were more shows like this one on today.

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