Walk, Don’t Run

May 24, 2009

[Scene: Gracie notices a dent in the fender of the car and doesn’t want George to see it.  So she tries to convince George and the Mortons to walk instead of drive.]

Gracie: I have a wonderful idea: let’s walk to the game.

George, Harry, and Blanche: Walk!  Five miles.

George: Are you silly or something?

Gracie: Walking is good for you.  It contains vitamins.  Look at my sister, Bessie.  Nobody walks like Bessie.

George: Nobody is built like Bessie.

Gracie: Stop!  Nobody is going to ride in the car.

George: Why?

Gracie: Because, because it’s dangerous.

George: Dangerous?

Gracie: Well, sure.  Every day you read about some car hitting a pedestrian.  We’re going to walk.

George: Look, Gracie.  Are you ashamed of our car because the fender is dented?

Gracie: You know about that?

George: I did it this morning.

Gracie: You did it!

George: Yeah, when I backed out of the garage.

Gracie: Well, George Burns.  I’m so mad at you I don’t think that I’ll ever talk to you again.  Come on, Harry.  At the game tonight I’m going to sit next to you.

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