Gracie Outsmarts George… for Once!

June 5, 2009

[Scene: Harry and George want to go to a fight and not tell their wives especially since they want to see the new Gregory Peck movie.  They decide to make up a card game as they play it in front of Blanche and Gracie to get them confused so they will just let them go and play the card game, thus giving them the out to go to the fight.

The game is ending as Gracie steps in:]

George: He wins the game.  Harry wins the game.

Gracie: Oh, now wait just one minute. You lose; you reneged.

George and Harry together: He [I] reneged?

Gracie: Yeah, you forgot to mention the spinning jack.

George and Harry together: The spinning jack.

George: Gracie, I’d like to talk to you.  Do you know how to play Kleebop?

Gracie: Yes, it’s just like Mogal.

George: Mogal?  What is Mogal?

Gracie: Well, don’t you remember last week when you wanted to go to the ballgame?  You taught me how to play Mogal.  Where do you want to go tonight, dear?

George: To see Gregory Peck.  To see a picture show….

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