Gracie’s Day at the Doctor’s Office

June 13, 2009


George: What did you do today?

Gracie: Well, I went to the beauty shop and I met Clara Bagley and she was going to the doctor so I went along with her.

George: Well, that was very nice of you.

Gracie: As soon as I got to the doctor’s office I knew he was no good.

George: He was a bad doctor?

Gracie: Yeah, all his patients were sick.

George: You’re very observing.

Gracie: He has a beautiful blond nurse and even she was sick.

George: She was sick, too?

Gracie: Yeah, she kept begging him to take out her appendix.

George: The nurse wanted her appendix taken out?

Gracie: Yeah, every time she went into his private office I could hear her saying, “Now, doctor, please.  Cut it out!”

George: What was the matter with Clara that she had to see a doctor?

Gracie: Well, I think it was to have the dents taken out of her knees.

George: She had dents in her knees.

Gracie: Yes, because every time I looked in the office he was pounding them out with a little rubber hammer.

George: I’ll explain that to you later.

Gracie: So while she was in the doctor’s office I was in the waiting room and I cheered up all the patients.

George: I knew that you would, yes.

Gracie: Oh, and wait ’til I tell you.  There was one little boy sitting all by himself and he looked so sad.  So I brought him around and made everyone shake hands with him.

George: And that made him feel better?

Gracie: Yes, he almost forgot he had the measles.

George: Your friendliness was very contageous.

Gracie: Yes, I helped the nurse, too; I answered the phone for her.

George: I see.

Gracie: Someone called up and wanted to know if a man 85 years old could have Rickets. And I said, “Oh, sure let him have as much as he wants as long as he chews them well.”

George: You were a real big help down there today.

Gracie: Yes.  Oh, and there was a doctor in the next office whistling, and…

George: This doctor was whistling?

Gracie: Yes, and the nurse said that was Dr. Brown the famous obstritian.

George: I see.

Gracie: She said last year he had 260 babies.  So I said, “I bet his wife isn’t whistling.”

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