Qualities of a Good President

July 23, 2009

George: Gracie, have you any idea what a person has to be before they become president?

Gracie: Sure, they’re elected.

George: The whole thing is absurd.

Gracie: Oh, stop worrying, George.  I may not even be elected until next November.

George: Well, that’s a load off my mind.

Gracie: I might not even be in the White House before 1941.

George: I see.  So in other words you’re as good as in.

Gracie: I’m better than in.

George: What do you mean you’re better than in?

Gracie: Well, if I was in now I would be having to get out next January.

George: You: the President of the United States…

Gracie: …and Mexico.

George: And Mexico?

Gracie: Oh, sure.  It is just across the border from California, so it will be easy for them to vote for me.

George: What about Canada?

Gracie: It’ll be a landslide.

George: This may be a shock to you, but there are some places that don’t belong to the United States.

Gracie: So what!  How many votes are there in Glendale anyway?

George: For president it takes a person of tremendous stamina.  A person with unusual ability and sound judgment.  A mental genius.

Gracie: Oh, thanks.

George: Thanks?  A president has to have courage and show plenty of backbone.

Gracie: If you want to see backbone, wait until you see my new evening dress.

George: It still doesn’t make you a leader of men, you have to have plenty of votes.

Gracie: Well, wait until you see my new evening dress.

George: Quiet.  A president must have determination, he must let people see what he’s made of.

Together: Well, wait until you see my new evening dress.

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