The Surprise Party Mascot

July 25, 2009


Gracie: Wait until you see the picture I had taken.

George: I’m not interested in any picture.  We’re here to do a broadcast.

Gracie: You know, the Democrats have a donkey and the Republicans have an elephant.

George: What have you got: squirrel?

Gracie: Oh, I wish I would have thought of that.  But I posed with a kangaroo.

George: Kangaroo?

Gracie: Well, it will make a wonderful campaign picture.

George: I’ll bet.

Gracie: It’s the momma kangaroo and the little baby kangaroo peeking sticking his head out of the pouch and…

George: A baby kangaroo sticking his head out of the pouch?

Gracie: Yes, and it’s gonna be my election slogan.

George: What slogan?

Gracie: It’s in the bag!

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