Gracie’s Banking Tips

October 9, 2009


Gracie: Where do you keep your money?

George: In the bank.

Gracie: What intrest do you get?

George: Four percent.

Gracie: Ha! I get eight.

George: You get eight?

Gracie: I keep it in two banks.

Gracie: My sister had a baby.

George: Boy or girl?

Gracie: I don’t know, and I can’t wait to find out if I’m an uncle or an aunt.

George: I’ll take you home if you’ll give me a kiss.

Gracie: All right. If you take me home, I’ll give you a kiss.

[As he started walking her across the stage, he stopped abruptly.]

George: Wait a second. Is your mother home?

Gracie: Sure she is, but my father won’t let you kiss my mother.

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