George’s Personality

November 19, 2009

George: Carol, you’re a delight to work with because you are a great artist.

Carol Channing: Thank you, George.   And it’s a thrill to work with you because you’ve always been my idol.   I’ve watched you work for years, and you’ve really got it.

George: I’ve got it?

Carol: Oh, yes.

George: I hope that’s a compliment.

Carol: Oh, it is. You know, to be a star some people have to be great singers, or great dancers, or great comedians, or great actors, but you made it without any of that.

George: But I got it.

Carol: Oh, yes.

George: Well, Carol, what is this thing that I’ve got?  Is it sort of a hidden talent?

Carol: Oh, George, what you’ve got isn’t hidden.  Anybody can see it, it’s right out in the open.

George: So before it catches cold, what would you say it is?

Carol: Well, George, it’s a certain something, and you’ve got it. You’ve not only got it, but you’ve always had it.

George: Let me see, it’s something that I’ve got.  Has Sinatra got it?

Carol: Yes, but you’ve got twice as much.

George: Well, maybe it’s because I’m older.

Carol: Sure, so yours is developed more.

George: Now I’m really confused.  How about Dean Martin, has he got it?

Carol: Of course he’s got it. But alongside of you, you can’t even notice it.

George: Now this thing that I’ve got, and I’ve got twice as much as Sinatra?and when I’m with Dean Martin you don’t notice his? Has… has… has Richard Burton got it?

Carol: Of course he’s got it.  And I know because Elizabeth Taylor happens to be a very close friend of mine.

George: This is something that I’ve got, and I’m glad I got it? And I certainly wouldn’t like to lose it, but I’d like to know what it is.  Can you describe it? Is it square? Is it round? Is it… is it as big as a breadbox?

Carol: George, there’s no way to measure it. You can’t buy it, you can’t sell it, you’re born with it. You can’t put your finger on it.

George: That maybe I’ve got?.  Now, when did you find out I had it?

Carol: The first time I ever saw you. You were playing the Palace Theater and I was in the audience. The moment you walked out on the stage I said to the woman next to me, “He’s got it.”

George: What did the woman say?

Carol: She said, “He must be hiding it, because I can’t see it.”

George: She couldn’t see it, but you could?

Carol: Well, that’s because I’m in show business. I recognized it right away because I’ve seen it before.

George: Anyway, this something that I’ve got: at my age have I got enough of it left to last until the show is over?

Carol: Why not? It’s lasted all these years.

George: Well, whatever it is, it must be pretty tired by now. One more question and I’ll quit. Is there anybody else who’s got as much of it as I have?

Carol: Shirley MacLaine.

George: That I didn’t expect. Georgie Jessel maybe, but Shirley MacLaine, never.

Carol: Oh, George, everybody in show business has got it.

George: Well, if I’ve still got it, I hope I don’t lose it at the blackjack table.

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