Gracie’s Christmas Carol

December 24, 2009


Gracie: Once upon a time on a beautiful Christmas morning, Scrooge and Bob Crachet and Tiny Tim went for a walk in the woods while their breakfast was cooling.

While they were gone a dear little girl came and knocked on the door. And naturally nobody answered so she went inside to see who it was.

George: Gracie, that’s not the way I heard it.

Gracie: Who told it to you?

George: My mother.

Gracie: Oh, well this is by Dickens.

George: But this is another story….

Gracie: So this little girl saw that her breakfast was cooling so she decided to taste it. She tried the first bowl and it was too hot and she tried the second bowl and it was too cold and she tried the third bowl and it was just right and she ate it all up.

George: That was Goldilocks.

Gracie: No. It was porrige.

Well, anyway, this poor little girl had two rich step-sisters. And along came Prince Charming with a glass slipper. So she tried it on the first step-sister and it was too hot, and she tried it on the second step sister and it was too cold and he tried it on the poor little girl and it just fit. She married him and guess who got all the money.

George: Walt Disney.

Gracie: You’re confusing the children….

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