In There???

May 15, 2010

This is the script from George and Gracie’s first ever movie short… the entire script.  They were apparently tickled to collect such a large amount of money for something so short and sweet.  It was the first in a much more grand career in film.

George: Gracie, what are you looking for?

Gracie: The audience.

George: You see that camera, you see the little lens sticking out. Well, you look right into that and that’s where the audience is.

Gracie: Oh? All right.

George: Now, Gracie, if we can talk for nine minutes, they’ll pay us seventeen hundred dollars. Do you think you can do that?

Gracie: George, just ask me what my brother Harvey is doing.

Well, that started her, and she talked for nine minutes. In the middle of a joke I stopped her:

George: Gracie, our nine minutes are up, and we just made seventeen hundred dollars. Now wave goodbye to the audience.

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