To All Other Presidential Candidates

August 4, 2011

To all other presidential candidates; of the United States of America.


Well, boys, the jig is up. Election Day will be in November this year. Turkies will cost you 38 cents a pound cranberries will be 50 cents a bucket. Plum puddings will be 2 dollars each. But for my good friends it won’t cost a nickel so go out and vote for me.

Gracie, you are asking all the other presidential candidates to vote for you?

Sure, there are so many that even if I get half of them to vote for me I’m bound to be elected.

I see what you mean.

This letter is being dictated by a lady, typewritten by a lady so don’t forget to take your hats off while you’re reading it.

Gracie Allen
President of the United States

Gracie, you’re not president yet.

Well, I will be by the time this letter is delivered.

Make 50,000 copies and mail one to each candidate. Address the letters in girlish handwriting and send it to their homes. I want their wives to read it too.


One comment

  1. I am 68 yr. old this year of 2011. I really remember george burns and gracie allen on tv when I was younger. And now, I want to see them even more. I have bought all of their tv shows on cd’s now. Some are good copies, but some are hardly visable. The worst came from Vintage Playhouse cd. company. I had to go and retape all the 8 cds and pay a lot of money to retape them by a video store near me.
    But, the one I love the most, best of all is when gracie swears that she is not married to george and jack benny has to come to her house and convince her that she is. I laugh evertime I see it. Is there a store where I could buy better cds from this great old comedy show?

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