Television-Era Portrait

January 16, 2011



Following Instructions

January 13, 2011

Gracie: You can’t eat these peaches, it’s twelve o’clock!

Harry Morton: What has that got to do with it?

Gracie: It says right here: should serve from two to four.


They DID Know Jack

January 5, 2011

George was great friends with Jack Benny, a fellow performer. Jack was often a guest on the Burns and Allen show, as was George on the Jack Benny Program. And not only there in person, but their special relationship would often prompt each to make jokes on their shows at the other’s expense.




The Other Rat Pack

December 30, 2010


Before Sinatra and his crew were heating up the stage and the screen, George had his own pack.  The Pee-Wee Quartet was not something that made it big, and I think that many fans of Burns’ comedy can attest to his complete lack of singing ability.  So what can we say about the other three? 

[Top to bottom: George Jessel, Eddie Cantor (left), Jack Benny, and George Burns]


Logical Postage

December 21, 2010

George: This letter feels kind of heavy. I’d better put another stamp on it.

Gracie: What for? It’ll only make it heavier.


Cary Grant

December 15, 2010


As the years go by it is often hard to remember how different star power was back in those days.  Burns and Allen made a great name for themselves, and was able to do it along with some other famous faces.  Among them is romantic leading man, Carry Grant.


A Family Portrait

December 6, 2010

While Gracie was never able to have children of her own, the Burns’ decided to adopt. Rather than choosing healthy and happy children, Gracie decided to choose children who needed the most care and love. A true testimony of the heart of gold that she had as a wife and mother.