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“International House” (Part I)

April 17, 2009


International House is among the first films for Burns and Allen.  As often was the case, the pair did not play a married couple.  In fact they did not play a married couple regularly until some time during their radio show.

This film is available completely online and will be posted in 7 parts over the next week.  Enjoy!

From NetFlix

A delightful potpourri of 1930s film icons (led by W.C. Fields) parade through this offbeat movie involving an early television broadcast in an opulent Asian hotel. George Burns and Gracie Allen are perfect comic foils for Fields, and Cab Calloway sings the memorable “Reefer Man” in one the picture’s many highlights. Other stars include Bela Lugosi, Sterling Holloway, Rudy Vallee and Baby Rose Marie.

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