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George’s Personality

November 19, 2009

George: Carol, you’re a delight to work with because you are a great artist.

Carol Channing: Thank you, George.   And it’s a thrill to work with you because you’ve always been my idol.   I’ve watched you work for years, and you’ve really got it.

George: I’ve got it?

Carol: Oh, yes.

George: I hope that’s a compliment.

Carol: Oh, it is. You know, to be a star some people have to be great singers, or great dancers, or great comedians, or great actors, but you made it without any of that.

George: But I got it.

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George and Carol

November 11, 2009
Following Gracie’s retirement George tried going on without her.  A number of people played with George in place of Gracie including the world renouned Carol Channing.  What follows is a routine that they did together.  You may recognize many of the old jokes that actually came directly from the old Burns & Allen routines.


Carol and George enter from opposite sides and meet center stage.

George: Ladies and gentlemen, Carol is now going to say hello to everybody.

Carol: Hello, everybody.

George: Let’s see, how should we start?

Carol: I always like to start with a joke.

George: I think Carol’s got a good idea there.

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From People Magazine

May 22, 2009


“For 40 years my act consisted of one joke,” George Burns was fond of saying. “Then she died.” The woman in question, as anyone within earshot of a radio or television in the 1950s would know, was his wife, Gracie Allen–and the female side of a showbiz team whose ditzy banter in an era of idealized domesticity made it one of the most beloved and successful comedy acts in history.

Both onstage and off, as Burns himself was always the first to acknowledge, Gracie, the perfectly honed not-so-Dumb Dora to his long-suffering straight man, was more than half an act. “Next to Gracie, I was wonderful,” he wrote in an affectionate biography, 1988’s Gracie: A Love Story. “All I had to do was stand next to her and imagine some of the applause was for me.”

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