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Gracie’s Christmas Carol

December 24, 2009


Gracie: Once upon a time on a beautiful Christmas morning, Scrooge and Bob Crachet and Tiny Tim went for a walk in the woods while their breakfast was cooling.

While they were gone a dear little girl came and knocked on the door. And naturally nobody answered so she went inside to see who it was.

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A Christmas Memory

December 1, 2009

santaOne Christmas many years ago, Gracie and I invited our grandchildren home for Christmas. We had a tree, presents…and Gracie had the idea for me to dress up and be Santa Claus.

So, I got a red suit, a long, white beard, a special pillow for my stomach, black boots, and a big red hat with a tassel on it. I looked great.
That evening I rang the doorbell, and Gracie opened the door. She pretended to be surprised and exclaimed, “Kids, look who’s here! You know who this is?” And with just one quick look, they said, “Yeah…Grandpa!”

That’s the last and only time I played Santa Claus.


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A Turkey for Christmas

November 18, 2009

Gracie: Well, you see one Christmas my father caught a wild turkey and he fed him corn and chestnuts. But then we didn’t have the heart to kill him so we let him get away.

George: Oh, I see.

Gracie: But the turkey liked the food so well that he came back each year. And that way we always had…

George: A turkey for Christmas dinner?

Gracie: Yes.