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How to Become President: Chapter 12

May 1, 2010



HERE I am at last.

The first Lady President!

Imagine George Burns saying that if I loved my country I would demand a recount!

To my friends who kept up my spirits throughout the good fight, and to my supporters who did the same thing for my stockings. I thank you. And I say further that my election goes to show that the United States is still the land of importunity, where the humble have the same chance as those of lowly origin.

I’ll never forget the little sentiment that a man who said his name was “Admirer of Dewey” wrote on the bottom of his ballot:

Voters see red, when voters get blue.

If the country goes crazy, it may go for you.

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Tunnel of Love

February 14, 2010

[Scene: inside the tunnel of love where Reggie (played by Ray Noble) and Gracie share a boat.]

Reggie (Gracie’s escort): Lovely weather, isn’t it?

Gracie: Yah, it’s a shame we can’t see it.

Reggie: Rather.

Gracie: By the way did you see the papers this morning

Reggie: No, did you see them?

Gracie: No but I wish this were yesterday. Although I didn’t see the papers yesterday morning. Did you see the papers yesterday morning?

Reggie: No.

Gracie: I never see the papers, but they’re nice to talk about.

Reggie: Yes, they’re so true to life.

Gracie: Oh, aren’t we all?

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‘Damsel’ Handbill

June 28, 2009


This is a scan of an original handbill that was distributed at screenings of the movie, much as they are for plays and live shows today.  Above is the cover and below shows the inside.

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