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March 3, 2011



Gracie Is Confused about the Origins of Carnation Milk

April 21, 2009


Gracie: Oh, Carnation Milk, isn’t it wonderful? You know what puzzles me sometimes: how do they get milk from carnations?

Blanche Morton: Why don’t you ask George?

Gracie: All right.


George: Oh, what beautiful flowers!

Gracie: Aren’t they lovely? And if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have them.

George: Me? What did I have to do with it?

Gracie: Well, it was your idea. You said that when I went to visit Cara Bagley to take her flowers so when she wasn’t looking I did. [After tremendous laughter Gracie continues…] Isn’t it good that they’re carnations, dear? I’ll put them in the refridgerator and we’ll milk them later.

George: …we’ll milk them later? Well, I guess if she made sense I’d still be selling ties.

A year later

Gracie: Wasn’t I silly a year ago, thinking that I could get milk from carnations. (laughs) Now when I milk a carnation I don’t expect anything.


Carnation Milk was a sponser of the Burns and Allen Show on television.

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