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Comic Portrait

March 22, 2011



Dreaming on a Train

March 12, 2011

[Scene: George has reluctantly taken Gracie as his wife.  They are on a train from New York to Los Angeles and at night they are sleeping separately.]

Gracie: Oh, you know something: the more telegraph poles I count, the less I know what to do with them. Why is that?

George: Humph.

Gracie: Georgie Porgie, I couldn’t sleep last night; I had the strangest dream.

George: You had a dream and yet you couldn’t sleep.

Gracie: Well, sure, a daydream.

George: I see… last night you had a daydream.

Gracie: In the upper birth… I was so lonesome up there, and there weren’t any sheep to count.

George: The train stops in Wyoming to pick up sheep.

Gracie: Oh, goodie, then I won’t be lonesome tonight.


Eveready Ad

March 3, 2011



A Funny Thing…

February 18, 2011

Gracie: A funny thing happened to my mother in Cleveland.

George: I thought you were born in Buffalo.



January 31, 2011

In their debut episode on television, George explained their roles for those who may not have seen them before. He explained that he is the “straight man” whose job is to ask the question to which the commedianne hilariously responds. Then it is his job to pause…George’s true gift.

In this picture, George demonstrates on of his “ad-libs.”


The Other Rat Pack

December 30, 2010


Before Sinatra and his crew were heating up the stage and the screen, George had his own pack.  The Pee-Wee Quartet was not something that made it big, and I think that many fans of Burns’ comedy can attest to his complete lack of singing ability.  So what can we say about the other three? 

[Top to bottom: George Jessel, Eddie Cantor (left), Jack Benny, and George Burns]


Logical Postage

December 21, 2010

George: This letter feels kind of heavy. I’d better put another stamp on it.

Gracie: What for? It’ll only make it heavier.